far from normal

U are not able to have a casual and average boyfriend  (“unless you become less far from normal….” I heard thinking it was the next part of her sentence. That day everybody was so critic and sincere, it hurted. Afterwards you realise during a cold and nowindy morning  et all that maybe, by chance, that girl was right.


Hi World!

Hi everyone!

It is my honor to present the new website "U Free Stuff".
First of all I want to make sure that maybe you will realice that this blog has not a complex purpose. But perhaps a more clear objective can be developed in the near future.

The main source of inspiration of this blog was born in February when a French entity wanderedcomputer room in Trinity College Dublin. Her face evidenced her intentions and also the glorious phrase " uuuuuh free stuff " emerged from the innermost of her animal condition and at the end both of us wanted to steal those attractive gadgets only for the reason that they were alone in old boxes.

On the one hand one of the "academic" pourposes of this blog could be show you few more examples of the human condition border with animal condition which requires a big effort because some times the frontier is not very clear and to be honest I do not think there is any border between them. So does not make any sense anymore. On the other hand I would prefer follow an hilarious path and try to catch your attention in other non academic aspects... what I MEAN... is... talking about... FREE STUFF.